Production line
for sandwich panels

A line production is definitely the most cost-effective method you can use in order to manufacture panels, floor slab units and roadway blocks with simple or prestressed reinforcement. Thanks to this system, it is possible to vary the width (height), length and thickness of each element. Each line is made up of a 10 mm high quality plate, placed opposite to the casting, which can be finely dressed and provided with the desired length and width.

The line may be equipped with side walls that can be tilted manually or hydraulically through a system for varying the thickness of each element.

Any coupling between formwork movable parts (such as at bottom/side walls) where there are opening and closing actions is provided with GF metal or rubber gaskets against the cement grout.
An efficient vibrator, whether pneumatic or electrical at variable frequency, combined with a specifically designed structure, ensures an optimum concrete compaction and a very high finishing of each panel. The line can be also provided with a heating and insulation system to accelerate the concrete element’s curing process.

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