Our battery moulds enable high production volumes by minimising the overall dimensions in the plant. Each formwork can be provided with two or more casting channels, each being independent from the others. Pillar sizes can be quickly modified by means of hydraulic systems varying casting length and height, thus making this equipment very flexible.

The battery mould can be provided with a system for compacting the concrete in conjunction with an electrical or pneumatic vibrator at variable frequency and a heating and insulation system to accelerate the concrete element’s curing process.

Any coupling between formwork movable parts (such as at bottom/side walls) where there are opening and closing actions is provided with GF metal or rubber gaskets against the cement grout.

Thanks to this type of formwork, in addition to pillars, other types of elements, such as beam and foundation piles, can be produced.

The battery mould length can be customised according to your needs.

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