Machine for placing and conveying concrete from the concrete mixing equipment to the formworks in order to achieve a quick, flexible and cost-effective production.
Reduced sizes, high controllability and very low steering angle enable to work also in very small areas.
A placing arm controlled directly by the operator in the cab enables high flexible movements.

A discharge point with a height of 4.70 m and a horizontal extension of 5.50 m enable to cast also into very large formworks, such as vertical battery mould for panels.

A discharging system with pumping assembly enables to use also a very fluid self-compacting concrete and enable a direct connection with the formworks for the grouting step or with a pipe network inside the plant.

Main technical specifications:

  • Hopper capacity: 4 m3 (net)
  • Variable concrete capacity: 0÷30 m3/h
  • Discharging arm max. extension: 5.50 m
  • Variable discharging height: 0÷8.50 m (4.70 m with horizontal arm and max. extension 5.50 m)
  • Variable speed: 0÷15 km/h
  • Dimensions: length m 6.15 x width m 2.1 x height m 3.3
  • Loadless weight: Kg 6,800

Main features:

  • 4.4 l turbo diesel engine
  • Hydrostatic traction
  • Servo steering with very low steering angle
  • Discharging system by piston pumping assembly fitted with mixer
  • Robot discharging arm
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