Our lines are realised with very rugged metal structures able to withstand strong loads resulting form the manufacture of this type of beam. Formwork design often contemplates the need to produce end products in an on site mobile building yard under harsh environmental conditions and often with low specialised personnel. Our formworks can be easily moved between several yards and need limited foundation building works. This equipment enables to modify beam size and geometry and is integrable with custom-automated systems for accelerating and simplifying the production.

All the formworks can be of a desired length and integrated with pulling heads usually resting on a self-reacting structure. These prestressing systems can be designed for maximum loads up to over 2,500 tons and integrated with automatic detensioning technologies.

Since for high prestressing values it is often used a great number of wires, we can provide our lines with systems for automatic strand detensioning, thus accelerating the casting preparation steps.

Any coupling between formwork movable parts (such as at bottom/side walls) is provided with GF metal or rubber gaskets against the cement grout.

We can further provide the line with a system for compacting the concrete in conjunction with an electrical or pneumatic vibrator at variable frequency and a heating and insulation system to accelerate the concrete element’s curing process.

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