We offer very reliable production lines that can be designed for a specific geometry or for different geometries of the elements to be realised, thus making this equipment very flexible. Particularly, thanks to our extensive experience, we have achieved a very high automation for both routine formwork filling and shakeout operations and those extraordinary operations required to adjust the size of end products. Our production lines enable to vary in few minutes the beam cross-section without using labour, thus allowing for a shift from a particular production type to another one quickly, precisely and cost-effectively.

Any coupling between formwork movable parts (such as at bottom/side walls) is provided with GF metal or rubber gaskets against the cement grout.

All the formworks can be of a desired length and integrated with pulling heads to be inserted into ground foundation anchorage or, alternatively, rested on a self-reacting line. These prestressing systems can be designed for maximum loads up to over 2,500 tons and integrated with multiple tensioning and automatic strand detensioning technologies, thus accelerating the production steps.

We can further provide the line with a system for compacting the concrete in conjunction with an electrical or pneumatic vibrator at variable frequency and a heating and insulation system to accelerate the concrete element’s curing process.

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