A production line seems to be the best choice for this type of elements in terms of quality and costs. The equipment is made up of a base formwork provided with several casting channels, each having different length and size depending on the desired end product. Each line may be provided for producing elements with fixed cross-section, slightly inclined for the shakeout or with variable cross-section and not inclined. In the latter case, the equipment is much more flexible and enables to produce several elements such as beams and/or pillars. We can further provide the line with prestressing pulling heads, a system for compacting the concrete in conjunction with a vibrator, whether pneumatic or electrical at variable frequency, and a heating and insulation system to accelerate the concrete element’s curing process. Specific metal guides, laterally welded to the line, enable to fix beams for a simultaneously locking of casting separators movable to any position in order to vary the length of piles. Tapered casting stoppers forming the pile tip are provided with a system for the shakeout of each handwork.

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