Concrete plates are used in roof covers and in conjunction with roofing beams or beams on which they rest. The main characteristic of this type of element, whether flat or curved, is its lightness achievable by choosing very thin concrete skins and stiffening ribs. In this way, the load transferred to the roofing beams or beams is minimised.

The most common production system has a vertical battery mould with several compartments. Our battery moulds ensure products characterised by very high precision and finishing thanks to our extensive experience in this field. Each formwork is made of several sets of vertical elements (side walls) built with high quality plates placed opposite to the casting and reinforced by steel sections in order to achieve a rugged structure able to counteract concrete pressure during the casting step. Side walls are translated by means of a reliable hydraulic system also enabling a lock while casting. Any coupling between formwork movable parts (such as at bottom/side walls) where there are opening and closing actions are provided with GF metal or rubber gaskets against the cement grout. An efficient vibrator, whether electrical or pneumatic, combined with a specifically designed structure, ensures a rapid filling of the formwork and an optimum concrete compaction. Each battery mould can be also provided with a heating and insulation system to accelerate the concrete element’s curing process.

We can offer any type of formwork according to your needs and optionally integrated with automatic systems for limiting the use of labour.

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