External enclosure panels are precast elements, which more than others characterise the aesthetic aspect of a building and determine its energy saving feature. Thus, they enable to combine both a high technical performance and an extraordinary architectural creativity.

From a technical point of view, the panels including the use of concrete in conjunction with steel supports and optionally prestressing enable a structural optimization and consequent improvement of durability. From an architectural point of view, the panels may have several different finishings: smooth at formwork bottom, machined by specific treatments of sandblasting, dressing, bushhammering or in conjunction with mixtures of marble, granite and other stones.

  • SOLID PANELS: Solid walls are manufactured in different sizes and thicknesses by adding all the reinforcements during the production.
  • SANDWICH PANELS: Sandwich walls for exterior façades are made of an inner load-bearing part in smooth concrete, an insulating layer and an outer visible layer in smooth concrete or machined by different types of finishing. The two concrete layers are connected to each other by means of metal or plastic connectors.
  • HOLLOW PANELS: Hollow walls are provided with an inner dear-air space by means of which a natural air circulation can by reached thanks to the convective motion both contributing to humidity protection and improving heat insulation and soundproofing.
  • CORNER PANELS: Corner panels allow building corners to be finished with several rounded or chamfered geometries.
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